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Malta Second Passport

Malta offers investors of good standing to acquire a Malta Second Passport under Malta's Individual Investor Programme.

Eligibility for Malta Second Passport

Malta's IIP is the only EU-approved Citizenship by Investment Programme in Europe and is subject to the following eligibility criteria:

  • Good standing and reputation ('fit and proper' test);

  • A non-refundable Contribution of €650K to the Malta Social & Development Fund, with additional lower contributions for dependent family members ;

  • An Investment in Approved Bonds or Securities amounting to €150K for a minimum of 5 years;

  • The Purchase of Residential Property in Malta at a min. value of €350K or the Rental at €16K per year for a min. of 5 years, and

  • Evidence of a Genuine Link with Malta including recognition as a Resident of Malta for at least one year.

Malta Second Passport vs. Malta Residence Permit

The following is a summary are the differences between the requirements for Citizenship by Investment (Malta Second Passport) and the Global Residence Programme:


Maltese Citizenship

Maltese Residency

Residence Status

Residence for one year (issued within 5-10 days) until citizenship is granted.

Indefinite stay subject to compliance with rules and payment of min. tax.

Contribution / Donation

€650,000 + 25/50K for dependents


Property Investment


€220,000 (South Malta, Gozo) or €275,000 (rest of Malta)

Rental option in lieu of Purchase

€16,000 p.a. x min. 5 yrs

€8,750 - €9,600 p.a.

Investment in Approved Bonds

€150,000 for min. 5 yrs


Minimum annual tax


€15,000 per family

Basis of Taxation

Source + Remittance basis while resident. Source basis if non-resident

Remittance basis

Special Tax Rate


15% on foreign source income remitted to Malta.

Malta Second Passport


First Malta Citizenship Approvals in 2014

In November 2014, the Malta second passport programme has enjoyed the first approvals of the first applicants for Maltese citizenship by investment under the MIIP, represented by our Malta office.

Article: First Malta Citizenship Approvals (Dr Jean-Philippe Chetcuti, Malta)

Article: First citizenship approvals granted (Times of Malta)



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